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With over 50 years of combined experience in the construction industry, Vittori’s founders Andrew and Danilo Funaro’s Italian roots have enabled Vittori to bring unique European designs to their projects and homes. 

Our construction Teams aim to deliver superior custom homes at exceptional prices by delivering on time projects with outstanding quality and workmanship. 

Each of our custom-built homes meet exemplary standards. We have built a reputation for the highest standard of quality paired with reasonable pricing and customer service excellence.

Dear Community Members & Future Tenants,

As an employee of Vittori Developments, I'm thrilled to share some exciting news. Our company has recently made a strategic decision to shift our focus from single-family homes to multi-family rentals, in response to the changing demands of the real estate market. This new direction allows us to better cater to the needs of homebuyers and renters throughout Greater Vancouver.

We're thrilled to share our exciting plans for the upcoming projects in the vibrant Hastings Street neighborhood of North Burnaby! At our core, we are dedicated to creating extraordinary rental communities that go beyond expectations. Our vision is to cultivate a neighborhood where residents can truly feel a strong sense of belonging and revel in the delight of comfortable living spaces.

Sustainability is a core value for us. We believe in creating living spaces that contribute to a greener future. Therefore, our rental communities across Greater Vancouver, including the Hastings Street area, will incorporate green building materials and energy-efficient systems, ensuring a more sustainable and environmentally friendly living environment for our residents.

By focusing on multi-family rentals and covering a wider area in Greater Vancouver, we aim to meet the growing demand for affordable and high-quality housing options. We're excited to create vibrant, inclusive communities that foster social connections and enhance the quality of life for our residents. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we're confident that our projects will redefine urban living and provide residents with exceptional, sustainable, and comfortable homes in some of the most desirable locations in the city.

At Vittori Developments, we're committed to embracing the future of construction and adapting to the changing needs of the real estate market. Our focus on multi-family rentals throughout Greater Vancouver, reflects our dedication
to providing outstanding housing options that prioritize affordability, quality, and sustainability. We're looking forward to the exciting journey ahead as we continue to shape the future of urban living in this thriving province and beyond.

Vittori Developments Team


Vittori Developments Ltd. is a Licensed Residential Builder meeting all requirements of the British Columbia Home Owner Protection Act.

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