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We are a Vancouver based builder and developer of unique quality homes and commercial developments with a focus on quality, integrity and excellence built into every project. 


Vittori Developments Ltd. is an esteemed construction and development company deeply embedded in the vibrant city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Embracing a commitment to excellence, our specialization lies in the creation of multi-family rental buildings and exceptional estate homes across the Greater Vancouver Region. Our dedicated team is focused on providing an unmatched standard of custom homes at remarkable prices, each crafted with unrivaled quality materials and workmanship.

With over 500 homes proudly completed in the Greater Vancouver Area, our portfolio continues to expand annually, ensuring that each multi-family rental building is meticulously crafted to meet exemplary standards. In line with our continued growth and evolution, we are thrilled to announce that Vittori Developments now places a special emphasis on multi-family rental projects and the construction of low-rise buildings. This strategic shift allows us to better cater to the evolving needs of the Greater Vancouver Region and offer a diverse array of high-quality rental properties tailored for modern living.

At Vittori Developments, we are dedicated to transparency and client satisfaction. As part of this commitment, we provide the opportunity for clients to liaise directly with our partner suppliers, empowering them with confidence and insight into the materials used in the construction of these cutting-edge multi-family rental buildings. Our goal is to ensure that every tenant feels informed and involved in the creation of their ideal living space.


Vittori communities are desirable places to live that have been carefully planned and built to exacting qualifications. Whether you are looking to rent, buy, or build, Vittori will provide you with the reputable product and service that has made us leaders in our industry.

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